Smart TV for the smart beta investor

What is smart beta or factor investing?

The rising popularity of smart beta strategies has shaken up the investment world and investors are now showing much more interest in non-market cap weighted indices. However, with that increased level of attention comes a wide range of views. In this collection of videos we let the proponents, for and against smart beta, speak for themselves.

Deutsche Asset Management Rob Bush explains factors

The Risk-Return Paradox of Low-Volatility Investing

Integrating ESG into factor investing

Smart Beta in Fixed Income: Harnessing the Low Volatility Factor

Diversifying into Factor-Based Investment Process with Index ETFs

Billionaire Cliff Asness: Investment Strategy, Risk and Active Investing

Critical Analysis of Bottom Up Multi Factor Portfolio Construction

What is smart beta? - MoneyWeek Investment Tutorials

Bogle: Smart Beta Does Not Deliver Better Returns

WisdomTree Europe - What are Smart Beta ETFs?

STOXX / CFA conference - Smart Beta: the 360° overview

The Ongoing Controversy of Alpha, Beta and “Smart Beta”