Jump start your ETF strategy with Twenty20's white-label solutions

Many Years of Experience

The founders of Twenty20 Investments have seen first-hand the impact of passive investments on the fund management industry having been designing new ETFs and constructing ETF managed portfolios for over 7 years.

The Appliance of Science

By fusing together the benefits of passive investing with a systematic quantitative approach to capturing alpha, our investment solutions can be delivered at low cost while not compromising on performance or robustness.

White-Label Solutions

Our white-label solutions will allow you as a wealth manager to offer your own range of ETF strategies. These investment solutions can be managed on your behalf on Ascentric and Transact.

No two firms are ever the same, and it is entirely to be expected that your job is to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Delivering an outstanding service, in any industry, is no mean feat and none more so than in the wealth management industry.

Achieve flexibility with Twenty20’s ETF Managed Portfolio Platform

With the wide range of ETFs available - and new ones constantly being added, keeping on top of this extensive list of building bricks is proving a challenge in its own right. Add to this 'smart beta' products and the task becomes even harder.

Leveraging off Twenty20's ETF Managed Portfolio platform enables our partners to benefit from the full suite of models that we have researched and implemented over many years of application.

These range from our cluster analysis techniques we use when selecting which ETFs to include in our asset allocation process; to a set of models that we use when systematically capturing risk premia for a wide range of asset classes; and finally to a variety of portfolio construction models required to control the risk and turnover characteristics of the resulting portfolios.

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